How To Get The Perfect Look For Summer !

Summer is finally with us and the sun's rays are illuminating our good mood.
Say hello to tanning, sunglasses, bare feet and of course magnetic lashes!


Do you dream of a hypnotic look during the whole summer?

Cils Chic is what you need!

Summer under the effect of tanning and heat, we tend to wear less makeup. Yes yes! our face needs freshness and does not want to be suffocated under a thick layer of foundation or mascara. So a word of advice, put it all on your eyes. I know you wouldn’t say no to a mesmerizing look every day to go sunbathing or dining on the terrace. This is not negligible for a naturally sunny look.


Why Should Magnetic Eyelashes Be Part Of Your Travel Check List?


It’s simple, on holiday we want to enjoy and let the sun beautify us without finding traces of makeup under the eyes after a good sea bath. No need to overdo the makeup. But we do not want to look tired, it's at this moment that Cils Chic enters the scene, our magnetic lashes are manufactured meticulously so that you can benefit from lashes whose quality is impeccable, waterproof, reusable indefinitely and especially super lightweight. So, it's totally safe for summer time !

If you want to play with different effects at different times, you can pack three different styles:

  • Paris Lashes : Chic et Elegant with doe-eye effect. We love it to go to the restaurant !
  • Milan Lashes : Natural and Seductive, you will adopt it to walk under the sun !

Do not forget to clean your face and eyes when you go to bed, this will avoid the excess sebum associated with the heat. Remove your false eyelashes every night by storing them properly in their box to avoid dust and infections. It would be a shame during the holidays!

I think I’ve told you everything, you’re finally ready to hypnotize everyone around you with the beauty of your gaze. 

See you soon ! 

Julie From Cils Chic 

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