False Eyelashes: Glue VS Magnetic

If like most of us you’re trying to create a star look in front of your mirror everyday but you have enough of mascara that leave lashes brittle and like tiny jabbing sticks above your eyes, then false lashes are the solution.

Falsies are becoming an essential beauty accessory. Whether you are lazy to do your makeup or on the contrary, if you want to complete your makeup look, they will give you confidence and glamour.

Glue lashes are the more common one on the market today. But the new magnetic challenger is growing fast! So glue or magnetic false eyelashes ?

Glue eyelashes : not for sensitive eyelids

Glue False Eyelashes

Beauty professionals use eyelash extensions. They glue each individual false lash directly on your own eyelashes, not on your skin. This is not super-healthy for your eyelashes but the result is very natural.

However, in front of your bathroom’s mirror, you do not have the same precision. False lashes are generally available as clusters of lashes or more commonly in full-strip. And you need to glue them on your eyelids, one of the most sensitive parts of your face.

The big issue with glue eyelashes is the glue. It contains high concentration of chemicals ingredients which can cause skin allergy or infection. Moreover, putting chemicals on your own eyelashes will prematurely aging the eye area and slowly damage your lashes. 

Furthermore, if your are not manual, applying glue eyelashes can be quickly a messy situation like you put some glue on your fingers then the lashes get stuck on your hand... And it become a real disaster! Let's say glue lashes is reserved to people with no sensitive skin and very comfortable with false eyelashes.

Glue eyelashes pros:

  • More common and cheaper then magnetic ones (however, they cannot be reused as often)
  • Easy to cut so they can adapt to your own eyes’ length
  • More accurate position if you are dexterous

Glue eyelashes cons:

  • Can contain harmful ingredients 
  • Requires some dexterity and time to put on and off
  • Aftercare needed :  you have to clean them with a remover to take off all the glue and prepare them for the next use

Magnetic eyelashes : easy, quick and safe

Magnetic Eyelashes

The first magnetic eyelashes appeared on the market on 2014. They were invented mainly to avoid the problem of the glue.

Currently, two different types of magnetic eyelashes are available on the market :

  • Eyeliner Magnetic Eyelashes requires a magnetic eyeliner to stick the lashes on your eyelids. To be confident, you have to draw a thick line of eyeliner. So this model is more adapted for evening style and special occasion. The  other problem of magnetic eyeliner is that your eyes will still be in contact with chemical.
  • Clip Magnetic Eyelashes are composed of two lash strips (or more) that you must clip around your own eyelashes. This is the more versatile eyelashes. You can wear them in all situation, with or without eyeliner.

Magnetic eyelashes are the best alternative for people with sensitive skin. Especially the clip version which requires no makeup at all.

Magnetic eyelashes pros :

  • Effortless : easy and quick to apply, if you follow the instruction you should get a powerful gaze in seconds. To remove them, just slide magnets between your fingers then store them in their beautiful box to avoid dust
  • Safe : no chemical at all in the clip version. Thin magnets are totally safe for the eyes 
  • Reusable indefinitely

Magnetic eyelashes cons :

  • Less precise than the glue ones. If you want to cut them, you have to care about the magnets.


If you have time, a tough skin and be dexterous, you could choose glue false eyelashes. Take lashes in cluster for a more personalized look. However, you should probably better go to your beauty center to get lash extensions ;-)

Magnetic eyelashes are the best choice for people who wish a quick solution to make their everyday look. With the clip version you don’t even need to clean your face after each use just make sure they are correctly stored in their cases. Your natural lashes will say thanks to you 😊.

Also, if you’re new to false eyelashes, you should certainly go for magnetic ones.


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