False Eyelashes VS Mascara


Having an amazing look with long lashes like Eva Longoria is all of us dream! That’s why we all have mascara that we use since many years in our makeup bag. We even have a waterproof one to be on fleek even under the rain.

However, mascara has been very deceptive in the last years. That’s why more and more of us are switching to false lashes.

Mascara ads are fake

Do you really know the truth about your favorite makeup product ? To tell you everything, on mascara advertising the stars usually have false eyelashes. You can read it on Jezebel by clicking here.

Why don't they use the mascara they want to sell ? Because it will melt, because it is not the same effect (mascara thicken the eyelashes but do not extend them)  and above all, because it is dangerous for their skin and eyelashes !

The texture of mascara blocks our lashes and damage them. It dries out the eyes.

Mascara contains mercury

Unbelievable ? You can read it from the Huffington Post by clicking here.

Mercury is forbidden in cosmetics by the O.N.U. … but not in mascara. Why? Because mascara contains so many bacteria that only mercury can kill them. Should we really put that near our eyes ? Certainly not !

How about False eyelashes ?

Why do we continue to use mascara ? Because it’s a fast solution. A brushstroke and it’s over !

The first false eyelashes on the market was glue ones. We must admit it was not an exceptional replacement : the glue is also nocive and it is complex to put on.

But today, we have the perfect safe and quick solution : magnetic false eyelashes.

  • No toxic ingredients (choose the clip-in version)
  • Light
  • Stay in place all day long
  • Easy to put and remove
  • Reusable indefinitely
  • Will accompany you in all your trips and selfies !


Glue or magnetic ? Discover the pros and cons by clicking here.

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