How To Choose Your Magnetics Eyelashes?

Your eyelashes fell during your meeting? So embarrassing!

Your colleagues looked at your party eyes all day long? Perhaps the Russian style do not fit work time.

How all those girls who walk in the street like stars with their amazing eyelashes do to keep them perfectly on their eyes all day long?
They just know how to choose their eyelashes…

Which eyelashes for my eyes shape ?

Eyes shapes

  • Almond or round eyes:¬†You need a "Doe eyes" effect. It consists to put longer lashes at the end of your eyes to stretched them.
  • Hooded or Small eyes:¬†That means that all your lid is not visible. Prefer a natural look by enlarging your gaze with longer lashes in the center. You will make an illusion of depth.
  • Monolid eyes:¬†Means you do not have a crease on your lid. Generally, Asian people tends to have the monolid shape but it's not exclusive to them. Just open up the eyes with flattery lashes.
  • Upturned eyes:¬†You have the choice to accentuate your shape or to do something more discreet. To accentuate the upturned shape, choose a pair of eyelashes with length, or choose a pair of thick eyelashes to give you a doe-eye look.
  • Down turned eyes:¬†To avoid a tired-looking appearance, opt for a very soft eyelashes, a natural look is the best for your shape.

Tip: feel free to adapt your false eyelashes to your style and eye length by cutting them.

Which style for which occasion ?

Here are our advice to look dazzling but not fake:

  • For everyday : Choose Cils Chic Milan. It will bring you a natural look to captivate attention without doing too much.¬†
  • For the night : Choose Cils Chic Moscow. An extravagant look to complete your beautiful dress and impress everybody at the party.¬†
  • For a special occasion : Choose Cils Chic Paris. To be class and chic during a wedding or a date.¬†

    See you soon !

    Julie From Cils Chic 

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