Draw Eyebrows Like A Professionnal !

Sometimes, we all want to follow the tendance as we draw our eyebrows but for some of us it's a little bit more complicated. Who never do her eyebrows thinking it's amazing but when we go outside everyone's looking at us like what did she do ? Because we did our eyebrows to dark, to thick or with weird shape :) 

Do you want to show off with perfect eyebrows ? Follow the next steps to impress !

Let's go to change your entire face by changing only one thing :) 

1- Find the beginning of your eyebrows : Find where your eyebrows have to start. For that, just place your brush along the side of your nose. 

 2- Find where your eyebrows stop : Find the end of your eyebrows, for that, place your brush from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eyes. 

3- Brush your eyebrows : Use a spoolie brush to brush up your eyebrows. This will help you to define the shape. 

4- Immitate your natural eyebrows' hairs : Mimic your natural hair with a pencil or a color cream. Choose the right color depending of your natural brows. Then fill in any sparse area. 

5- Draw the shape : With an angled brush draw your eyebrows' shape. For a natural effect, do not fill the inside corners. 

6- Remove excess of color : Lightly brush your eyebrows to remove excess color. 

7- Clean the eyebrows perimeter : A little tips, use your complexion brush and trace all around your eyebrows perimeter to make them clean. You can also use a transparent powder.


Now, you have all the keys to get stunning eyebrow, I understand it's not easy to draw them at the perfection but with a little practice you will have the help ! 

See you soon !

Julie From Cils Chic 

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