Tips To Make A Natural Makeup Look

As a woman, we think that making natural makeup look is much less complex than making evening makeup look. Think again ladies, it's not easy, you must find the right shade, know how to apply your makeup without overdoing it while keeping a natural matte finish. It must be discreet while bringing radiance to your face so as not to look tired.

Why are we makeup-addict? 

It is the way to express ourselves and it's unbelievable how makeup can reveal the best version of our face. Despite the power of makeup, we don't need to abuse it. Beauty comes from inside and is revealed outside. 

To keep your fresh-faced and let your natural features shine, follow our tips! it's simple and easy to do: 

  • CLEAN your face to remove dirt
  • MOISTURIZES your face as a base to protect and nourish your skin 
  • HIDE dark circle with a concealer 
  • APPLY a natural shade foundation according to your skin color
  • GIVE a bright to your eyes by applying natural color eyeshadow, don't trace a thick layer of eyeliner 
  • PUT a pair of magnetic eyelashes to open up your eyes
  • ADD a little bit of natural shade of blush  
  • HIGHLIGHTS your face
  • APPLY a natural gloss lipstick 

To achieve a natural makeup look keep in mind that you need to warm up your face with natural color. 

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