What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic Eyelashes case Cils Chic

Let Me Introduce You The Easiest Way To Get Stunning Eyes ... 

Magnetic Eyelashes were created in 2014 to avoid the risk of glue false lashes and gain in speed.

This little beauty accessory has changed the entire beauty world as it will gives you an amazing look in an instant way. So powerful at a time when every ladies crave for dramatic, voluminous, glamorous and long lashes ! It’s not just reserved to celebrities, we can blink our stunning eyes everywhere and anytime now!

What's The Secret Of Magnetic Eyelashes ?

The specificity of magnetic eyelashes is the use of the power of magnets to wrap your natural lashes between both lash strips. In that way, nothing will move and it’s delicate enough to give you a pleasant feeling.

Honestly, if you are a lady that want to stop putting chemical products like glue or mascara on your eyes, magnetic eyelashes are the solution.

Of course, there is so many different style, models on the market so let me inform you otherwise you will get lost 😊

Are Magnets Safe for the Eyes?

Yes, absolutely!

The magnets are very thin and have just enough power to stick together. Furthermore, they are not in contact with your skin and it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients like glue or other chemical.

You can wear them with confidence.

With or Without Magnetic Eyeliner?

Today, there are two types of magnetic eyelashes on the market: those which stick on a magnetic eyeliner and those which clip directly around your own lashes.

With Magnetic Eyeliner

magnetic eyeliner

With this type of magnetics, you will get one full strip per lash and a magnetic eyeliner. You need to draw a line on your eyelid and stick the magnetic strip on it.

The advantage is that they are generally easier to put on for a beginner. You don't need an applicator, eventually just some common tweezers to hold the strip.

The disadvantages are that you still put chemical on your lids and they are only suitable for evening or events because of the eyeliner. And you will need to buy  eyeliner refills...

Clip Magnetic Eyelashes (without magnetic eyeliner)

Clip magnetic eyelashes comes in 2 or more parts that you need to clip directly around your own eyelashes like a sandwich, with a magnetic applicator.

The greatest advantage is that they are completely safe: absolutely no chemical needed.

It may take several tries to put them on correctly at the start. But once you understand the trick, you can put them on and off in seconds! Really.

Number of parts and magnets

Multiple parts magnetic eyelashes

Clip magnetic eyelashes can come in two strips of more parts:

  • Multiple parts:
It often comes as a lash strip for the upper part and several mini lash parts to be placed underneath. This method is more delicate because you have to align the parts well on the applicator in order to put them correctly. In that case, it's easier to put them by hand, piece by piece.
  • Two strips:
The advantage is that the magnets are positioned directly in the right place on the applicator to facilitate the adhesion of both lash strips. The simplicity to put the upper row on the upper part of the applicator and the bottom row on the bottom part of the applicator is remarkable.


Pay attention to the number of magnets: If you want your magnetic falsies to stay on your eyes all day or all night long, you have to pay attention on the number of magnets. It's simple: The more magnets you have, the more secure you lashes will be and will not move during the day.

From experience, two magnets is not enough. You will have one magnet on each side and nothing in the middle so you might get a bailing.
More than three magnets is good but all your natural lashes line will get stuck between them.

Three magnets is the good balance to have a long hold while letting the natural lashes breathe. Just be careful to position the falsies at the very roots of your own eyelashes.

What about Cils Chic Magnetic Eyelashes?

At Cils Chic, we do not like magnetic eyeliner for several reasons:

  • You still need to put a chemical product on your eyelids as eyeliner contains iron oxides. 
  • You will only be able to have one makeup look because of the black eyeliner essential to stick your eyelashes
  • Magnetic eyeliner is not that efficient. You must draw a thick line so that the lashes stay in place
  • You will need to buy eyeliner refills in order to use your falsies

So, we chose to only manufacture clip magnetic eyelashes with 3 magnets.
They are totally safe for your skin and eyes, they are light to wear, they cling securely to your lashes and most important: you can put them in seconds!


Magnetic Eyelashes are the new must-have beauty accessories. Your best-friends from now! And you will also save money in a long term by reusing your eyelashes as many times as you want.


To learn how to apply magnetic eyelashes read our article by clicking here.

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