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When Food And Eyes Health Meet!

on April 27, 2020

Since we are spending more time in our interiors, we have tend to eat more to fill the lack of occupation. So now, it’s time to make your daily indoors lifestyle more healthy for your body, mind and eyes.

Are Your Eyes Healthy?

It is difficult to care for unhealthy eyes so if you notice some small problems in your eyes, start by changing your diet. A good view begins with what's on our plates. A healthy diet rich in essential nutrients to our body, will preserve our health as long as possible.

You have understood, the diet is the basis of our health so to preserve your eyes you must eat foods containing several nutrients:

  • Vitamins A : Necessary for the proper functioning of the retina and night vision. 
    You can eat : Carrot, Egg, Red Pepper, Tomato juice ...

  • Vitamins C : It acts as an antioxydant, helps reduce cataract problems and protects the cornea
    You can eat : Orange, Clementine, Blueberry, Brocoli, Apple ...

  • Vitamins D : Prevent myopia and age-related molecular degeneration
    You can eat : Milk, Black Chocolat, Tuna...

  • Vitamins E : Helps the absorption of vitamin A into the body and prevents age-related eye disease
    You can eat : Almond, Walnut, Eggs...

  • Beta-Carotene : Protect against cataract and is very good antioxydant
    You can eat : Carrot, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Sweet pepper...

  • Omega 3 : Ideal if you have dry eyes problems
    You can eat : Salmon, Mackerel, Sardine, Almond...

  • Delutheine and zeaxanthin : Protects the eyes from UV rays neutralizes free radicals that damage the retina. 
    You can eat : Corn, Kale, Avocado...

  • Zinc : It is a mineral good for health, it produces melanin which is a pigment necessary for the protection of the eyes
    You can eat : Chicken, Beef, Dairy products...

 Now, you are ready to take care of your body and your eyes :)