How Your Eyes Reflect Your Personnality ?

Please know that you do not have blue or green eyes by chance, there is certainly a member of your family who bequeathed to you these eyes so much researched in the world. 

The Color Of Our Eyes Is Hereditary 

First of all,the color of the iris depends on the collagen fibers, the number of melanocytic cells and the melanin concentration of these melanocytic cells. Concentration of melanin gives brown eyes because the pigment absorbs light. A low melanin concentrations gives green eyes that is light brown and blue blend of the background of the iris. The beautiful blue eyes are due to a lack of melanin. 

Who has not already read his astrological sign realizing that this one corresponds to our personality ? Today, it is time to see that the color of our eyes also reveals our personality. Yes yes, a Julie with blue eyes will have a different character than a Julie with brown eyes ;)

Swedish scientists have done studies to confirm the link between the color of our eyes and our personality. As a result, people with the same eye color have common personality traits. To give you more information, American researchers at the university of Pittsburgh have found through a study that women with clear eyes are less sensitive to childbirth pain than women with dark eyes.

Here is what the color of our eyes means: 

Black: This is a rare color often associated with the night. Black-eyed people are discreet, reliable, hardworking and loyal to their loved ones. 

Brown: It is the most common color associated with the land. These people are attractive and confident. They love simplicity and positiveness. 


Hazelnut: This beautiful color is a mixture of brown and green. These people are courageous and independent. They don't like routine, they are adventurous. 

Green: Only two percent of the population has green eyes, this is an exceptional color. Associated to curious and dynamic people. They are really passionate and have the joy of living. 

Blue: It is the most sought after color in the world. People with blue eyes are calm and intelligent. They like to make people happy.

Thank to the eye color, we are all unique with our own personnality and that's so important and of course, whatever the color of our eyes, you are all pretty ! Let your eyes talk for you :)

See you soon ! 



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