Make women's lives easier

Nowadays women don't have time to have time. Everything is going too fast between work, kids, family and friends. We are constantly busy.

And yet, we continue to spend a lot of time in front of our bathroom mirror, putting makeup on and off...

Beauty should be effortless. At Cils Chic, we strive to give women the power to reveal their best assets instantly and everywhere.

Julie Portrait

Cils Chic's story

I'm Julie, founder of Cils Chic.

Still a few years ago I felt bad about myself and not pretty at all..

I grew up in a little isolated french village in the countryside where fashion and makeup were not really well seen. My parents were very strict about that.

But when I was in front of my mirror I didn't know how to start. I put too much or not enough makeup. I used to do "smokey eyes" but I've realised that I looked more like a girl who was ready for Halloween party. A real disaster!
And on top of all, that makeup took me lot of time and energy...

Like a lot of women, I used to put mascara on my natural lashes to have the look of my dream. But I stopped it when I learned about the bacterias and mercury inside.

Then I tried glue lashes... but let's be honest. What a mess! Glue on your fingers, have to wait to dry...

Finally, I have discovered magnetic eyelashes and never changed since then!
Easy and quick to put on and off, they are my secret to a 10-minute make-up every day.
Plus : they are water-proof and wind-proof.

We have the power ladies:

  • Want a glamorous mysterious effect? Put a pair doe-eye lashes (longer in the middle)
  • Want a playful gaze? Go for cat-eye lashes (longer in the outer)
  • Prefer to stay natural and chic? Short and regular lashes will be better for you

What's unique with Cils Chic?

Cils Chic is inspired by French Chic and Glamorous : noticeable and elegant, but not too much.

We designed magnetic eyelashes that you can wear in your day to day activities whether you are a business woman, mom or even a fashion addict.

Cils Chic magnetic eyelashes are narrower than standard falsies, to best fit your natural lashes and not have this "floating-end" effect. The applicator is also more curved for the same reason.

Cils Chic is 100% chemical-free and cruelty-free : no allergies, no harm.

    And because your lashes is so precious and essential to you, we also provide a fabulous case with mirror that fits perfectly in your handbag.

    So, don't be shy Ladies and say yes to level-up your beauty routine now!