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We are women and we want to be glamorous every day

But we must admit it, the time spend in our bathroom is sometimes frustrating. Put on makeup in the morning, remove it after work, put it on again before going out for the night, and then remove it again…

How to be chic in seconds?

Eyes are the most important component of face beauty. A 2017 study has ranked eyes first in front of hair, lips and nose. Don’t we say that they are the reflection of the soul?

Magnify only your eyes and all your face will shine!

We all put mascara. This is a fast solution even if it leaves our lashes brittle and like tiny jabbing sticks above our eyes.
We also know glue falsies. But they are difficult to put on and off and glue is also dangerous for the lids and eyes.

Are we doomed to spoil our greatest asset with these bad solutions?

Hopefully for us, there is a new disruptor on the market: Magnetic Eyelashes.
Harmless, very quick to put on and remove, they can be reused indefinitely.

Who is behind Cils Chic?

Julie Legros

I am Julie Legros, founder of Cils Chic.

I am born in France, the world of Chic and Glamorous. Passionate of beauty, I always wanted to create something to help busy women control their appearance in a second. I believe that our magnetic eyelashes are going to makes your life easier thanks to the power of magnets. I promise to give you a stunning eyes everyday.

"Cils" is the French word for eyelashes and "Chic" symbolizes women's elegance and modernity.

My team and I are committed to constantly research a premium quality product reflecting our values: quality, elegance, modernity. In order to reach our goals, we are taking in consideration the needs of women who has a busy life like business women, students, moms, fashion and beauty addict. 

With Cils Chic, we offer you the best magnetic eyelashes on the market:

  • Easy as pie: just clip the two parts around your own lashes, it’s done!
  • Quick as a wink: 30 seconds to put-on, 10 seconds to remove
  • Harmless: no glue and no eyeliner needed, magnetic or not
  • Cruelty free: premium synthetic inspired by mink fur

Cils Chic also provides you with the top companion tools to simplify your life:

  • A fabulous case with mirror that fits perfectly in your handbag
  • A beautiful magnetic applicator to help you put on your eyelashes

Spare time and money, join the Chic Ladies Club !