How to magnify
your gaze in seconds?

And without any mess

The eyes are the most attractive part of the face

In fact, just put on a pair of false lashes and you will be amazing right away!

But please, stop damaging your eyes with mascara and messing with glue. Use magnetic eyelashes which are chemical-free and reusable.

You only need 1 minute and 2 steps:

#1 Put the strips on the applicator

First, bend the lashes strips between your finger to give them a curve similar to your natural line.

Then take the top strip and put it on the top side of the applicator, magnets down and lashes inside. Same with the bottom strip, magnets up.

#2 Apply on your lashes

Bring the applicator around your natural lashes and place the top in contact with your eyelid. Then lift the tool slightly and press gently until the two parts of the lashes click together. That's it!

No magnetic eyeliner, no mascara, no glue, no mess.

See in video

Quick, Elegant, Safe


What women are saying

I can't believe how easy to apply them on. Good quality and added volume to my lashes. Loving that it is an easy way to look a bit more glam to my day to day!

Sabrina - UK

It's the first time i try magnetic lashes and they changed my makeup routine. I received my order really quickly i recommend.

Sofia - France

Is there a woman who doesn't want to have a glamorous gaze?

To feel more confident and powerful?

But we must admit it, the time spent in our bathroom is sometimes frustrating. Put on makeup in the morning, remove it after work, put it on again before going out for the night, and then remove it again…

At Cils Chic, we strive to give women the power to reveal their best assets instantly and everywhere! Our lashes will accompany you everyday in their premium metal case with mirror.